Terms of Use
To those who use origami

origami (hereafter referred to as "the website") is operated and managed by Domingo Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the company"). By using the website, you are agreeing to the following terms.

1. Scope of Application of Terms of Use

The terms of use apply to those who use the website as an owner of a facility (hereafter referred to as "information provider") as well as every individual (hereafter referred to as "user") who uses the website.

2. Prohibited Activity

The following actions are prohibited for everyone using this site.

  • Using the website with a false identity (as a information provider or user)
  • Posting or sending harmful computer programs or other actions that obstruct or hinder the operation and management of the website
  • Any actions that infringe assets, reputation, personal/human rights or privacy etc.
  • Any actions that infringe copyright or intellectual property
  • Any actions that damage credibility
  • Actions that slander a specific person or company
  • Actions that are unlawful or that disrupt social order, or any actions deemed unlawful or detrimental to public order
  • Posting or transmitting false information
  • Altering or falsifying the content and information of the website
  • Using content of the website for a different purpose than intended by the company
  • Letting third parties use an account provided by the website
  • Any other actions that the company deems as inappropriate or unsuitable

The company has the right to ban information providers and users without former notice if they are deemed to perform the above actions. The said actions will be deleted, and if there was any harm or damage done by these actions, the company will charge for compensation of damage and take measures that the company finds appropriate.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

The patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, programs and other intellectual property rights of the content of the website belong entirely to the company or other right holders.
Unless prior consent is given by the company, the enforcement, application, copy, reprint or editing of the contents of this website without prior notice, or taking advantage of it in any other way, is a violation of copyrights and will be legally punished and compensation for damage will be claimed.
The company guarantees that the service of information providers will not infringe the copyright, trademark rights, image rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or any other rights. The company deems consent for the use of the information posted on the website by the information providers.

4. Disclaimer

The company cannot guarantee the integrity, accuracy, concurrence, applicability, usability, safety, lawfulness of the content of the website.
The company cannot be held responsible in any way for any trouble caused by using the website.
The company can suspend or close the website without prior notice, and will not be held responsible for any damage caused by this.

5. Unavoidable Occurrences

In order to maintain a satisfactory operation, the service can be temporarily stopped, withheld, inspected or deviated without prior notice.
In case the service is temporarily stopped due to calamities beyond control or system fault, any direct or indirect damage caused by this will not be the responsibility of the company.

6. Change of Terms of Use

These Terms of Use can be changed without prior notice. The changes are effective as soon they are displayed on the website.
If the information providers or users continue using the website without protest after the changes have been made, it is deemed that they agree to the changed Terms of Use.

7. Confidentiality

Information providers and users may not release or give the information they have acquired through using the website to a third person.
They may not disclose it or use ir for a different purpose than intended by the website.

8. Notifications

The notification of information providers and users will be made in a way that the company finds suitable.
In case the notification made y the company does not reach the recipient, the company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by this.

9. Cancellation and Suspension

Without giving prior notice, the company can cancel or suspend the use of this site for information providers and users who apply to the following terms.

  • Breaking the Terms of Use
  • If the company deems information providers to belong to or be closely connected to organized crime or other antisocial groups
  • If an e-mail address of an information provider registered on the website cannot be contacted
  • Bankruptcy proceeding, beginning civil rehabilitation proceedings, beginning reorganization proceedings, beginning special liquidation, special arbitration procedures (with or without petition) or other voluntary liquidations and actions that cause serious concern regarding credibility
  • If a self-issued bill or check is dishonored
  • If proceedings were taken for the recovery of taxes and public dues in arrears
  • If the company deems the information providers to be unable to continue proving their services on the website

10. Compensation for Damage

The information providers and users must compensate in full for any damage (regardless of direct or indirect damage, including legal fees) done to the company though using the website.

11. Consultation

If any issues not included in these Terms of Use occur, or if any doubt occurs relating to articles in the Terms of Use, the company and information providers or users shall find a solution upon consulting in good faith.

12. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use are subject to the Japanese Law. Any disputes in relation to the Terms Of Use shall be submitted to the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court (Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court) in the first instance.

Inquiries regarding Terms of Use

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