Privacy Policy
About the Treatment of Personal Information of origami

By providing this website`s service, Domingo Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the company") is handling personal information of customers

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information includes information that indentifies the identity of a user such as the name, address, phone number or e-mail address. Information which cannot solely identify the identity of a user, but can be easily made identifiable when combined with other information, also falls under personal information.

2. Purpose of Using Private Information

The company`s purposes of using private information is below.

  • For the information content of this website
  • Distributing it to the operators of facilities for stay and accommodation
  • Several purposes of contacting or the provision of notices that come with using the website
  • Distributing newsletters, notices for special campaigns or vacancies
  • Statistical analysis regarding the status of the website`s use
  • Upon separate consent: gathering user`s data, requesting surveys
  • Other purposes that are necessary for the provision of information by the website

3. Disclose or Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

As general rule, the company will not disclose or provide personal information without the consent of the users, with the exception of where the following circumstances apply.

  • When the disclosure is legally required
  • When the user explicitly requests the disclosure of his/her personal information to a third party
  • When there is special need for improving public health or property rights, but not possible to receive approval from the customer
  • When the company is transferring the business concerned to a third party, or when the company is merging with another company
  • When disclosing personal information is to business partners such as printing companies or system development operation companies is required to achieve task accomplishment (in that case, it is granted that the personal information will be protected so that those business partners cannot use the personal information for a different purpose than task accomplishment)
  • When the disclose of personal information is requested by a law court, the Public Prosecutors Office, the police, a bar association, the consumer information center or by organs with comparable authority
  • When the company deems it reasonably necessary for the provision of the website`s service

4. Change of Policy

This privacy policy may be changed without prior notice. The changes are valid once they are displayed on the website.

5. Personal Information Custodian

As the person in charge of the management of personal information, the representative of Domingo Co., Ltd., Keiji Kanai is striving to improve management of personal information of the website.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information, Modification, Suspension of Use etc.

For requests of disclosure, modification or suspension of use of personal information, or other questions about personal information, please refer to the following contact information.

For Inquiries about Privacy Policy

Domingo Co., Ltd.
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The company will handle the customer`s personal information in an appropriate manner, and strive to continue to provide a highly reliable service to receive the customer`s satisfaction.