Flying to Japan! Current Border Measures for Entering Japan


It’s been almost 3 years since the outbreak of COVID-19. The Japanese government once imposed strict border restrictions on new entrants into the country, but now most such measures are lifted. The border restrictions to enter Japan were gradually eased in the latter half of 2020, and from October of this year, Japan started accepting new entrants. Also, the recent weak position of the Japanese yen is also accelerating the increase in the number of international tourists visiting Japan. However, not everything has gone back to normal, so visitors must meet several conditions. Here are the details of the border measures to enter Japan as of December 2022.


Changes in border restrictions on the new entry of foreign nationals

On October 11, 2022, the Japanese government announced the review of border control measures on the new entry of foreign nationals. Before this announcement, only those who have special exceptional circumstances are permitted to enter Japan. This has been lifted now, and foreign nationals entering Japan for purposes such as tourism and short-term stay are permitted.

  • New entry of foreign nationals entering Japan for a short-term stay (less than 90 days) for the purpose of business, employment, or tourism, and for a long-term stay: The receiving organization located in Japan is no longer required to complete the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up Systems (ERFS).
  • Foreign tourists: No longer limited to package tours.
  • Those who wish to visit acquaintances: Purposes that have not been permitted and transit purposes are not permitted.
  • Short-term stay visa for the purpose of visiting families/acquaintances: Inviting person is no longer required to agree to the pledge.


About visas

The visa exemption measures remained suspended even after the alleviation of border restrictions in 2020, therefore, even those who meet the criteria for entering Japan had to obtain visas. Under the revised border measures announced in October 2022, the visa exemption arrangements for 68 countries/regions have been resumed. However, there are some conditions for certain countries: E.g. Visas are not required only for holders of ePassport in compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards. A list of countries and regions for visa exemptions is available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


Present border control measures

The border control measures as of December 2022 are quite simple. Those who present a valid vaccination certificate (3 times vaccinated) will be allowed to enter Japan without a negative test result certificate, on-arrival test, and isolation. If you can’t present a valid vaccination certificate, you need to present a negative test result certificate same as before, but you no longer need to have an on-arrival test and isolation. You still need to complete a questionnaire no matter if you present a valid vaccination certificate.


Use FAST TRACK to make immigration procedures easier

FAST TRACK is an online service to make your immigration procedures easier by registering your vaccination and questionnaire in advance. Following the removal of the on-arrival isolation period, MySOS, which had been used for FAST TRACK, was terminated on November 1, 2022, and now Visit Japan Web is solely in use. Visit Japan Web can be accessed via the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website.

You need to register with FAST TRACK before you depart from the country you are currently staying. The following are step-by-step procedures.

Before departure

  1. Access Visit Japan Web via the MHLW website and create your account then log in
  2. Register user information (Yourself, and accompanying family members if any)
  3. Register your arrival schedule
  4. Register the required information: Quarantine (Fast Track), disembarkation card (not required for Japanese citizens and foreigners with re-entry permission), customs declaration (personal effects and unaccompanied articles)

On arrival in Japan

  1. Show QR code on the screen at each procedure
  • QR code for Quarantine
  • QR code for Immigration
  • QR code for Customs

Visit Japan Web is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.


Welcome to Japan!

Japan’s border control measures have been eased a lot compared to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The biggest change is the resumption of the visa exemption arrangements for 68 countries. Before the easing of regulations was announced, entry to Japan for tourism purposes was permitted for those who obtained valid visas in advance and traveled by package tours, therefore it was quite time-consuming. Also, the immigration procedures have been eased a lot after the on-arrival test and isolation were lifted. If you present a valid vaccination certificate to prove you have been vaccinated 3 times, you no longer need to have a pre-departure test. Having had to take a pre-departure test was burdensome for travelers because it takes time and costs. But there is no need for that now. The important thing is that you need to register your certificates and questionnaire on the Visit Japan Web before you fly out to Japan so that you only need to show QR codes at the airport to pass immigration procedures.





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Living outside Japan for a good many years, I often rediscover nice little things about this country every time I return here. I would be more than happy if this column may help you find your "nice little things about Japan"!

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