Application Opens on April 20: Support for Ukrainian Evacuees by The Nippon Foundation

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Since the Japanese government announced the acceptance of Ukrainian evacuees early this month, local governments have been working hard on the preparation of temporary accommodations and employment in local enterprises. Now, more than 500 Ukrainian evacuees have entered Japan, and the number is still increasing. Some of the evacuees came to Japan with only a little money on them, therefore how to pay living expenses would be one of the largest concerns for them. To help these Ukrainian evacuees, the Nippon Foundation which handles many kinds of support projects such as city planning, student support, and support in disaster-affected areas, has established a subsidy program to support expenses for traveling, living in Japan, and preparing home.


About the Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation is a public interest incorporated foundation that operates various programs including ocean-vessel-related programs, welfare works such as scholarships for students and support for disabled people, and international cooperation projects.

Background of the establishment of this benefit

The Japanese government announced the acceptance of Ukrainian evacuees and they will be provided with temporary accommodation and benefits to cover living expenses in Japan. However, this support is directed to evacuees who have no family or relatives to look after them, therefore those who have someone to take care of them may not be eligible for the government’s support. However, even though people are not eligible to receive funds from the government, they still have to pay for the flight tickets from Ukraine and daily commodities. Consequently, there have been lots of voices demanding support for a wider range of evacuees, because these costs are pressuring evacuees’ families and relatives who are accommodating them. In order to help evacuees who have families and relatives in Japan, the Nippon Foundation announced the establishment of an aid fund program. The application can be made on the website of the Nippon Foundation from April 20


Breakdown of aid fund

The following is a breakdown of the aid fund for Ukraine evacuees. More details can be found on
The Nippon Foundation homepage.

  1. Travel expenses to Japan
    People who are already in Japan/have purchased fight tickets: actual travel expenses (up to \300,000/person)
    People who are to purchase flight tickets: Flight E-tickets and travel expenses in Japan
  2. Living expenses: up to \1 million/person a year (up to \3 million/family, by installment)
  3. Housing expenses: \500,000/home (flat-rate)


How to apply

The applications will be accepted from April 20, 2022. This aid fund is to support Ukrainian evacuees, but an application must be made by their families or relatives who will take care of them in Japan. The applicant is to upload a copy of the required documents via the Google forms link which will be open on the Nippon Foundation home page on April 20.

  • Subject person: Ukrainian citizen who will come/has come to Japan for evacuation, and have family or relatives in Japan
  • Applicant: Guarantor of the Ukrainian evacuee(s)
  • Application period: Wednesday, April 20, 2022 – Thursday, March 31, 2023

Required documents

  • Application form (Google forms)
  • Copy of applicant’s ID
  • If the applicant is a foreign national: a copy of the residence card
  • Japanese citizen: driver’s license, national health insurance card
  • Consent form by the applicant (with signature, seal) (Template will be available on the Nippon Foundation homepage from April 20)
  • Copy of Evacuee’s ID (passport, residence card, etc)
  • Consent form by the evacuee (with signature) (Template will be available on the Nippon Foundation homepage from April 20)

In addition to the above documents, the following documents are required for each fund.

  • Travel expenses: receipt of flight tickets payments (if already purchased flight tickets/arrived in Japan), or required documents for flight ticket purchase (if the evacuee will purchase flight ticket)
  • Living expenses: a copy of a document that the evacuee has entered Japan (landing permission on passport, residence card)
  • Housing expense: a document that proves the evacuee has moved into a new home (tenancy agreement or other documents that shows the date of occupancy and address)


Unite for Ukraine

This aid fund by the Nippon Foundation covers Ukrainian evacuees who have family or relatives in Japan. In the background of the establishment of this fund, there were many voices from evacuees’ families and relatives that they are struggling to find enough money to pay travel expenses and living costs. In fact, to bring in a few family members from Europe, the costs will possibly reach a million yen, which is huge money for individuals. In such circumstances, this fund program will be a great help for them. The application will open on April 20. If you wish to apply for this fund, check the website and get your documents ready.





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