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The same as any other parts of the world, fishing is one of the most loved hobby in Japan. Some enjoy going a long way for almost professional fishing, while other just go to the river or sea just to have quiet relaxation. So, a big city like Osaka has many fishing spots. Some fishing spots are man-made while some others are located in public parks open for everyone. This column will introduce some fishing points in Osaka.


Uotsuri-en (Suminoe-ku)

Located on the ocean side of an artificial island in Sumiyoshi-ku, Uotsuri-en has a great ocean view that you an enjoy while fishing. There are opening hours, but no entry charge. Also, you can hire fishing tools on the site. There are plenty of fish throughout a year, such as horse mackerels, sardines, rockfish and sea bream. This is a proper fishing spot closest to the central Osaka.

Address: 6-9-3 Minami-konan, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6612-2020
Access: Take No.15 bus from “Ferry Terminal” station of Osaka Metro, then get off at “Minami-konan 6-chome”. Or, drive for 10 minutes from Minami-konan IC of Hanshin Expressway Route 4 Bayshore Route.
Trading hours: April – November/5:00 – 19:00, December – March/7:00 – 17:00
Fees: No entry fee (parking charge if going by car)


Seaside Cosmo (Suminoe-ku)

This spot is located in Sumiyoshi-ku, too. Though, unlike Uotsuri-en, Seaside Cosmo is not a properly maintained fishing spot. The area in Cosmo Square along the ocean is open to the public for fishing. Of course, there is no admission fee. Once stand on the wide footpath, you will see Osaka Port on the other side of the sea. There are horse mackerels, sardines, mackerels and octopuses here. You can drive here as there is a parking lot nearby, though, this place is also easy to access by train as it is just 5 minutes’ walk from the nearest railway station.

Seaside Cosmo
Address: Nanko-kita 1-chome, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
Access: 5 minutes’ walk from “Cosmo Square” station of Osaka Metro, or 5 minutes’ drive from “Tenpozan” ramp of Hanshin Expressway Bayshore Route
Parking fee: 200 yen/hour


Tarui Fishery Harbor (Sen-nan-shi)

Tarui Fishery Harbor in Sen-nan-shi has a beach, and the area with lots of tetra pods next to the beach is open to the public for fishing. This is not a maintained fishing park; therefore, footing is not ideal. But there is not serious problem to fish when it is fine day. There are whitings and yellowtails. As there are bunch of tetra pods here, you can enjoy rockfish-catching to get Japanese stingfish and sea ruffes.

Tarui Fishery Harbor
Address: Rinku-minamihama 2-chome, Sen-nan-shi, Osaka
Access: 10 minutes’ walk from “Tarui” station of Nankai Main Line. Or, 15 minutes’ drive to the south from “Izumi-sano” exit of Hanshin Expressway Route 4 Bayshore Route
Fees: No charge


Toto Park Koshima (Sen-nan-gun)

This fishing place is very popular even though it is a little far away from the central Osaka. During summer season, numbered tickets to enter are given out from 5:00am. This place is located nearby the prefectural boarder between Osaka and Wakayama, thus the quality of water is different from fishing spots in Osaka. There is a pier stretching out to the water, so that visitors can enjoy fishing red sea breams, yellowtails, flounders and other typical seawater fish. Also, this place has a take away shop for quick snack and rest house. By the way, “toto” means fish in Japanese baby talk.


Toto Park Koshima
Address: 455-1 Tanagawa-koshima, Sennan-gun Misaki-cho, Osaka
Access: 10 minutes by bus from “Tanagawa” station of Tanagawa Line. Or, drive to the south on National Route 26 from “Izumi-sano Minami” of Hanshin Expressway Route 4 Bayshore Route, then go into Osaka Prefectural Road (Misaki Kadakosen).
Trading hours: 6:00 – 20:00 (Mar – Nov), 7:00 – 18:00 (Dec – Feb), closed on Fri
Fees: 1500 yen/adult, 1000 yen/child (all day); 1000 yen/adult, 500 yen/child (15:00 and after)


Akutagawa Trout Fishing Field (Takatsuki-shi)

Osaka has many sea-fishing spots as it is facing Osaka Bay, but there are many river or stream fishing spots as well if you go to the north part of Osaka-fu. Akutagawa Trout Fishing Field is a managed fishing field which is made by dividing a stream into a few sections for trout fishing. This place is open only for trout fishing season from October to May each year. There is a big space by the stream for BBQ, so you can grill and eat fish that you catch on the day. There is no admission fee for person who do not fish. Rental fishing gear is available at the reception (not free).

Akutagawa Trout Fishing Field
Address: 2154-3 Hara, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka
Access: Take No.1 bus from JR “Takatsuki” station, get off at “Kami no kuchi”, then walk for 5 minutes. Or, drive for 10 minutes from Takatsuki IC of Meishin Expressway.
Trading hours: 8:00 – 17:00(Oct – early May)
Fees: 3500 yen plus 1000 yen parking fee


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive♪

October and November is the best time for outing in Japan. There is no need to worry about heat stroke, so lots of people are enjoying outdoor activities. This year has been difficult sue to the corona crisis, but people are gradually going back to normal. Now there is less pressure to go out, so why don’t you go to the sea or river around your place and enjoy fishing?


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