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Although Japanese people eat lots of meat including beef and pork as well as other Western food, fish and soy have been the main source of protein of Japanese people from old times. Especially, fish is the most important ingredient of Japanese cuisine and used for sushi, sashimi, tempura, fish cake and other Japanese dishes. As Japanese people have been so familiar to fish-eating, seeing people who are fishing at seaside or riverside is one of the most common scenes in everyday life. There are many people who enjoy recreational fishing all over Japan. Therefore, there are a countless number of fishing points, and of course in Tokyo too!


Mizu no Hiroba Park (Koto-ku)

Right in front of Tokyo Big Sight, there is a lawn park with a footpath spreading along the ocean. Visitors can fish at the seaside where fence is running. Seabream, Japanese red seaperch, sea ruffe, seabass, etc. reside this area. This spot is easy to access without a car, as there is Yurikamome station nearby. The place is normally quiet unless a big event is held at Tokyo Big Sight, therefore you can spend relaxing time. Also, there is no entry fee as this is a public park.

Mizu no Hiroba Park
Address: Aomi 1-chome, Aomi 2-chome & Ariake 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Access: 1 minute of walking from “Tokyo Big Sight” station of Yurikamome Line
Fees: Free entry (Parking charge if coming by car)


Oi Central Seaside Park (Shinagawa-ku)

Close to the central Tokyo, Oi Central Seaside Park is well known as a great fishing spot of goby. While this seaside park has plenty of greens, tall buildings stand on the other side of the sea, making an interesting contrast. Also, you can see airplanes taking off from or landing on Haneda Airport which is located nearby. The water is not deep here, so some people go into the water and fish in water proof clothing. There is no entry fee as this is a public park, therefore you can come here for fishing anytime.

Oi Central Seaside Park
Address: 4-1-19 Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Access: 8 minutes’ walk from “Oi Keibajo Mae” station of Tokyo Monorail
Fees: Free entry (Parking charge if coming by car)


Kasai Rinkai Park (Edogawa-ku)

Kasai Rinkai Park is located at the mouth of the Arakawa river which runs the eastern side of Tokyo. It is a large park with a bird garden and aquarium. Fishing is allowed around the river mouth of the Kyu-edogawa river and Arakawa, which run the eastern and western end of the park respectively, and the are facing Tokyo Bay. Some areas including the beach of Nishi-nagisa and Nagisa bridge are no-fishing areas. There are gobies throughout the year, and flatfish during a certain time of the year. In addition, this place has a ferris wheel, BBQ park, kiyosk and other facilities, so that visitors can spend all day here.

Kasai Rinkai Park
Address: 6-chome Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Access: 1 minute of walking from “Kasai Rinkai Park” station of JR Keiyo Line
Fees: Free entry (Parking charge if coming by car)


Ohtaba Fishing Area (Nishitama-gun)

This fishing spot is developed in the Otaba river which is located in Okutama with beautiful wildlife. There are three areas: upstream, middle stream and downstream. The middle stream area has large space for BBQ and the upstream area is for experienced visitors. You can reserve the whole place for a large group. It is far away from the central Tokyo, however, still a great place for fishing as well as seeing azalea in spring and colored leaves in autumn.

Otaba Fishing Area
Address: 114 Okutama-cho Otaba, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
TEL: 0428-85-2235
Access: Take JR Chuo Line to “Tachikawa” station, then Ome Line to “Kawai” station. 25 minutes’ walk from Kawai station. Or, take NR411 from Hachioji IC to Ome, then drive to Otaba via the Okutama Ohashi bridge.
Fees: 3300 yen/person (all day)


Shin-Sakongawa Shinsui Park (Edogawa-ku)

This park spread for about 1km around the mouth of the Arakawa river. There are goby, eels and seabass from spring to summer, as well as river prawn. This spot is known that even beginners can catch fish, especially in summer. There is no entry charge, but if you want to do BBQ or day-camping, fees apply. You can access this park by train and bus, as well as by car.

Shin-Sakongawa Shinsui Park
Address: Rinkai-cho 2-chome, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Access: Take “Kasai 26” bus from “Nishikasai” station of Tokyo Metro, then get off at “Rinkai-cho 2-chome Danchimae”
Fees: Free entry (Parking charge if coming by car)


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive♪

Surprisingly, Tokyo has lots of fishing spots as it faces Tokyo Bay. Other than places introduced in this column, fishing is allowed in most parks located around Tokyo Bay. The best thing about those seaside parks is, there is no entry charge. Also, fishing is safe activity under the corona crisis as you don’t need to face or stand close to other people. Just note that casting is banned during the daytime in most parks for safety.


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