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Japanese government do not accept immigrants, however, is moderately easing the immigration control by newly creating “specified skilled worker” visa to allow more mid-to-long term residents. Accordingly, the number of international residents is rapidly increasing all over Japan. When you move to Japan, the difference of dietary culture would be one of the largest concerns. Especially for Muslim people, ordinary Japanese food are full of prohibited ingredients. So, they need to buy food with Halal certificate. This column will introduce Halal food shops in Osaka.


Gyomu Super

Gyomu Super is a super market chain developing more than 800 shops across Japan, and 20 shops in Osaka. This franchise have a variety of imported food other than Japanese products in order to provide high quality items for low prices. Also, they are trading range of Halal food since about 10 years ago: items include soup stock, coconut milk, sweets, frozen meat and many more. Halal food selection is only part of their stock, but they are clearly distinguished by Halal certificate. 

Gyomu Super (Matsuyamachi Sujihonmachibashi store)
Address: 8-6 Honmachibashi Chuo-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6943-0501


Osaka Spice & Halal Food

A little grocery store run by a Nepalese owner in Kita-ku, Osaka. They sell many rare spices, as well as coconuts milk, fruits, nuts, Australian frozen meat and other Halal food. Japanese supermarkets also have a great variety of food, but mostly for the Japanese, therefore may not be satisfying for non-Japanese people. At Osaka Spice & Halal Food, all items are for Halal food lovers, so if you cannot find what you want from ordinary Japanese supermarket, visit this store.

Osaka Spice & Halal Food
Address: Room 300, 3F, 2-2-8 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6373-4436


Osaka Halal Food (inside Osaka Masjid)

Osaka Halal Food is located in the Muslim community in Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka. The first floor of Osaka Masjid is used as a grocery shop. Their range of food mainly include Indonesian instant food and spices for Indian and South Asian cuisine. Also, Australian and Japanese meat (lamb/beef) is available. As this is a shop in a mosque, all their items are Halal certified, and handy to drop by after regular prayer.

Osaka Halal Food (inside Osaka Masjid)
Address: 4-12-16 Owada, Nishi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6829-6562


Maido Masala Mart Osaka

Just a 5 minutes’ walk from JR Momodani station, this Nepalese shop is in the middle of shopping street, selling mainly beans and spices which hare essential for Nepalese cuisine, as well as instant food and sweets. Spices are available in large bag and small bottle. Also, other rare ingredients such as Halal certified frozen mutton and lamb, whole chicken and goat meat are available. This shop is rather small, but their stock is a good variety, including even imported daily articles.

Maido Masala Mart Osaka
Address: 1-10-31 Momodani, Ikuno-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6796-7859



As you know, Costco is America’s giant retailer which also has a market in Japan. They sell bulk-size items to save packaging and display costs and provide products for reasonable prices. This global supermarket chain has a great range of Halal food, including Hahal-certified instant food, canned food, Halal meat and many more food. You need to get a membership to shop at Costco, but it is handy to know a large store to drop by for a quick shopping. Their Osaka shop is far away from the central Osaka, located in Izumi city. Therefore, if you are living in Osaka city, Amagasaki store is easier to access.

Costco (Amagasaki store)
Address: 3-13-55 Tsugiya, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo-ken



Under the Islamic law, use of all swine-derived products, alcohol and many other items is prohibited. Therefore, many Muslim people cook their own meals since many of items available from Japanese shop include prohibited ingredients. But even raw ingredients for cooking may not be religiously appropriate. If you wish to know a shop to buy Halal food, visit some of these shops. 


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