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During the 2019 Rugby World Cup, a large number of people visited Japan, and more visitors are expected towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Also, along with the partial amendment of law regarding working visa, the number of international students and workers, especially from Asia, is increasing, and a large number of Muslims are included in these people. For Muslim people, living in Japan for a long period of time may not be so easy due to the difference of dietary culture. As there is not many culturally or religiously prohibited food in Japan, finding religiously permitted ingredients can be hard for Muslim people. In order to supply rightly processed food for Muslims, there are Halal food grocery shops in Tokyo.


Sonali Halal Food

Sonali Halal Food is the first Halal food shop opened in Japan. Since its open in 1988, this shop has been supplying Halal food for Muslims who live in Tokyo. This long-established shop also sells beans/peas which are essential for Asian cuisine, dried ingredients, canned food, as well as vegetables and meats. Halal meats are not commonly sold other ordinary shops in Japan, there are Halal lamb, mutton, chicken, duck meat here. Furthermore, all these food are available from their online shop to be delivered. 

Sonali Halal Food
Address: 1-13-5 Kamijujo, Kitaku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5993-4993


Nasco Halal Food

Only a few-minutes’ walk from Shin-okubo station, there is a little street called “Islam allay” full of Malysian, Indian, Indonesian restaurants or Halal food shops. Nasco Halal Food is one of these shops on “Islam Allay” next to a kebab shop, selling variety of food such as meats, canned food, noodles, tea and bottled sauce. Especially, they have a great range of meat for BBQ: tongue, heart, kidney and other offal. This shop also has an online shop for customers who live far away.

Nasco Halal Food
Address: 2-9-3 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5337-1477


Linkers Halal Mart

Located in Shin-okubo, this relatively new Halal food shop has a great variety of Asian ingredients and some African food selected by the Bangladeshi owner. Spices, beans/peas, canned food, bottled sauces, frozen meats and many more are sold here. There are not many Halal food shops that sell fresh vegetables, but this shop sells a variety of Asian vegetables. Also, they run cooking lessons regularly. Contact a shop staff if you are interested.

Linkers Halal Mart
Address: 1F, 2-20-1 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6908-8493


Halal market (inside Tokyo Camii)

Inside Tokyo Camii, the largest mosque in Japan which is located in Shibuya, the Halal Market was just opened in May 2019. As this facility belongs to the Embassy of Turkey, the majority of items sold here are Turkish products. Since the product range is assorted with consideration of tourists’ preference,

prices are relatively higher than ordinary Halal shops. But they have many Turkish sweets, tea leaves, juice and other food that are not available in other places. Especially, Halal approved cake is must-try item when visiting here. Also, beans/peas, frozen vegetarian food and frozen meats are sold here. 

Halal market (inside Tokyo Camii)
Address: 1-19 Oyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5790-0760


Darvish Shop

Most of Halal shops in Japan are owned by Nepalese, Bangladeshi or Indian owners, but this shop’s owner is from Iran. Therefore, the majority of stock here is Irani products. Popular items include beans/peas, nuts, herbs, canned food, bottled pickles as well as Irani ready-to-eat food. Items are tidily displayed, and the shop staff is very helpful to assist you.

Darvish Shop
Address: 1F, 18-4 Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6661-9848



It is quite hard to find Halal food in ordinary Japanese super markets. Fortunately, in urban part of Japan such as the centre of Tokyo, there are many Halal food shops to buy groceries. Especially in Islam Alley in shin-ominous, there are so many restaurants and shops that serves or sell Islamic items. Just visit some of those shops and find one that suits your needs best. By the way, a few supermarket chains have started to include Halal food in their item ranges, so you may be able to find some Halal food in your closest supermarket.


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