Novels, Magazines, Manga and many more! Book Stores around OSAKA with Foreign-Language Books


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Online shopping has been such a popular way to shop lately, so many people purchase books online instead of going to a book shop. Consequently, many book stores in Osaka and its surrounding areas were forced to shut down in the past decade. Especially, the number of shops that trade foreign language publications has significantly dropped due to the rise of online businesses. In fact, there are many advantages in purchasing books via online shops, that you can find and order books you want straight away. On the other hand, you may miss an opportunity to encounter new books that attract you by chance. Visiting a book store without specific aim can be good fun during you stay in Japan. This column will introduce book stores around Osaka with foreign language literatures. 


MARUZEN & Junkudo Umeda

Located nearby Hakyu Umeda railway station, MARUZEN & Junkudo Umeda is one of the largest book shops in Japan. All floors from B1F to 8F are utilized as MARUZEN & Junkudo book shop. Their stock covers all categories but it is known for the great range of foreign language books including English language and other languages, as many as major book shops in Tokyo. There are couches and café space for customers to enjoy reading their books in quiet atmosphere. The building itself is designed by a well-known architect, attracting many fans.  

MARUZEN & Junkudo Umeda
Address: B1F-7F, 7-20, Chayamachi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0013
Trading hours: 10:00~22:00 


Kinokuniya Umeda

Kinokuniya is also one of the largest book store chains. They cover a various category such as specified books, fictions and manga in addition to foreign language literatures. In fact, it is very popular book shop that many people would comes up with visiting here first when they want to buy a book. In foreign books section, they have many books including fictions, business books, children’s books, cook books and comics. They run big annual sales every year offering more than 50% off. This is a great chance to get imported book as these are rather expensive in Japan too. 

Kinokuniya Umeda
Address:1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0013
Trading hours: 10:00~22:00 



Located in B1F and B2F of Kyoto BAL, MARUZEN Kyoto has many entertainment related books, specialized books and lifestyle related books. They have about 70,000 foreign language books all times, covering entertainment books such as children’s books, fictions, non-fictions and manga, in addition to specialized books such as books regarding politics, economics, academic subject and religions. 

Address: B1F & B2F, 251 Kawahara-cho Tori-sanjo-sagaru Yamasaki-cho, Chukyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0000
Trading hours: 11:00~21:00 



Kyoto is Japan’s most well-known historic city and the center of tourism in Japan. But Kyoto is not just about history. It is now recognized as a center of creating new trend. MEDIA SHOP is a unique book shop that is located the central Kyoto, mainly selling books about design, architecture and modern art. As well as Japanese books, they have many specialized books written in other languages for professional designers and architects. Art related events are regularly held by this shop for those who are interested in modern art and architecture. 

Address: Daikokucho 44VOX Bulding 1F, Kawahara-cho Sanjo-sagaru Hitosujime-higashi-hairu, Chukyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0000
Trading hours: 12:00〜21:00 


Fabulous OLD BOOK Kobe

This shop is a personally owned secondhand book shop mainly selling picture books for children. Inside the tiny shop, there are shelves full of colorful books. They have about 5000 books in several languages all times, though the majority of the books here are American picture books that were published in the 50’s. All books are directly purchased in foreign countries, inspected and cleaned to maintain good statement. They regularly run special promotions of seasonal events such as Easter, Hollowing, Christmas etc., and sell featured items in addition to books. This shop is fun to visit as you can find the books you used to love when you were little.   

Fabulous OLD BOOK Kobe
Address: 4F, 4-1-19 Shimoyamate-dori, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0011
Trading hours: 13:00~19:00 (The shop is irregularly closed, mainly on Wednesday)


Happy Reading!

Same as in Tokyo, Kinokuniya and MARUZEN have great advantage in the selection of foreign language books. Kinokuniya focuses on entertainment category while MARUZEN has a good range of specialized books. MEDIA SHOP in Kyoto is specialized in design, architecture and modern art category with many books that major book shops don’t have in stock, and attracts many fans among students and professionals in these areas. Also, there are not many book shops that have lots of children’s books. But Fabulous OLD BOOK in Kobe has a great collection of rare picture books. If you have some free time, why don’t you visit these shops to find your favorite books.


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