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Japan Post Bank is popular among foreign residents living in Japan as it is easy to open accounts. Because it used to be publicly owned, their account management system is a little different from other city banks. Their bank fees are rather cheaper while their transaction fee setting is more complicated compared to other banks’, including ATM usage fees. Japan Post Bank can be the best bank to save costs if you use it effectively.


About funds transfer into Japan Post Bank account

Firstly, you need to know about accounts of Japan Post Bank. There are two types of accounts. Comprehensive account (総合口座 Sogo Koza) is designed to deposit, withdraw and transfer money, similar to ordinary savings account of other banks. Checking account (振替口座 Hurikae Koza) which is used for commercial payment and receipt of money, similar to current deposit account of other banks. Comprehensive accounts are for all users including individuals and businesses, while checking accounts are mainly used by businesses.
With these in mind, funds transfers into Japan Post Bank are classified as follows.

  • Ordinary Cash Deposit (通常払込 Tsu-jo Haraikomi): Cash deposit into checking account (振替口座 Hurikae koza)
  • Electronic Cash Deposit (電信払込 Denshin Haraikomi): Cash deposit into checking account (振替口座 Hurikae koza) or comprehensive account (総合口座 Sogo Koza)
  • Electronic Transfer (電信振替 Denshin Hurikae): Electronic transfer between those accounts

*払込 (Haraikomi): cash deposit into accounts. 振替Hurikae: funds transfer between accounts.
* Ordinary Cash Transfer (通常払込 Tsu-jo Haraikomi) takes a few days before the money is settled into payee’s account as it involves paper documentation.


Fees for cash deposit, and funds transfer between JP Bank accounts

Fees for cash deposit

Unlike other Japanese banks, Japan Post Bank does not have “branches” in their operation system. Therefore, which branch payee’s account was opened does not affect the amount of transaction fee. The fees for cash deposit is decided by type of cash deposits and teller/ATM. Note that you cannot send money exceeding 100,000yen from ATM.



Under 50000yen

50000yen or more

Ordinary Transfer



340 yen



290 yen

Electronic Transfer


756 yen

Transfer Card


216 yen

432 yen


123 yen

339 yen


Fees for Electronic Transfer

Money transfers between Japan Post Bank accounts are electronic transfer only and can be done by the internet banking. Note that you need to make an application before transferring money exceeding 100,000yen.




Electronic Transfer


144 yen


Free up to 3 times a month, 123yen 4 times a month on

Internet Banking

Free up to 5 times a month, 113 yen 6 times a month on



Fees to transfer money to other bank’s account

The amount of Fees of transfer to other bank’s accounts also varies based on the amount of money to be transferred and transferring methods. Again, you need to make an application before transferring money exceeding 100,000yen.

Fees for funds transfer




Less than 50,000yen

50,000 or over


To other bank



864 yen


216 yen

432 yen

Internet banking

216 yen

432 yen



ATM Usage Fees

Japan Post Bank’s ATMs are free of charge to use all times if used with Japan Post Bank card or bank book, while all other banks charges ATM usage fees outside their trading hours. However, fees apply when using other financial institutes’ ATMs with Japan Post Bank card.

Fees of other bank’s ATM






Mon-Fri 8:45 – 18:00


Sat 9:00 – 14:00

Other than above


※No charge for checking account balance


Many a little makes a mickle

The predecessor of current Japan Post Bank started in very unique forms that a publicly owned post office took a role as a financial institute. It has been a while since Japan Post became a privately owned body, and there are no significant differences in services and operations of Japan Post Bank and other banks. However, Japan Post Office still keeps charging rather cheaper transaction fees comparing to other institutions. Above all others, Japan Post Bank’s free ATMs are outstandingly convenient when considering its coverage across Japan. There are some minor downsides, for example, you have to make an application to start sending money that exceeds 100,000yen. But it can be said that Japan Post Bank is the most cost saving bank in Japan.


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